Contrataciones públicas

Public procurement

Our firm LAC LEGAL has a department highly specialized in public procurement and administrative concessions.

Our lawyers are leaders in this very special topic; We have represented many national and international clients and consortiums, we accompany them from the identification of the public act, as well as in compliance with the requirements to be able to participate, in the approval of the document of objections, presentation of proposals, filing of claims and appeals, as well as as in the presentation of accounts.


LAC LEGAL, in particular, has extensive experience in handling the following issues:

  • Service for identifying public events of interest to the client
  • Consultations and advice at public events
  • Advice on the administration of contracts with the State
  • Assistance in complying with the requirements demanded in public events
  • Participation in approval meetings and/or adaptation of the specifications
  • Advice on the presentation of offers.
  • Claim actions against the specifications.
  • Claim actions against the report of the evaluation or verification commission.
  • Filing of an appeal against the act that adjudicates or declares the act void.
  • Extraordinary appeal of full jurisdiction before the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice.
  • Presentation of accounts.

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