Qualified Investor Visa in Panama

Panama is positioning itself as an attractive destination for foreign investors, thanks to its robust economy and political stability. The Panama Qualified Investor Visa is a fast and efficient way for investors to obtain residency in this dynamic Central American country.

a black envelope containing many dollars. important when making the investment to obtain the Classified Investor Visa.

To qualify for this visa, investors must commit a minimum investment of US$500,000.00 in real estate or real estate development projects under construction in Panama. Alternativamente, pueden optar por invertir esa suma en casas de valores reconocidas en el país, o depositar US$750,000.00 en un banco panameño a plazo fijo.

It is important to note that these investments must remain in the country for at least five years to meet program requirements.

The process for obtaining a Qualified Investor Visa is remarkably streamlined, generally taking about 30 days to complete. This efficient procedure is especially convenient for foreigners, since they are not required to be present in Panama to initiate the application. In addition, the program allows for the inclusion of the applicant’s dependents, thus facilitating the transition for the entire family.

Once the application is approved, permanent residency is granted. The new resident must travel to Panama to register his passport and receive his permanent resident card.

This process makes it easier for investors and their families to settle in Panama, enjoying the benefits of living in a country with a growing economy, a pleasant climate and a strategic geographical position. In addition to economic advantages, Panama offers an enviable lifestyle with access to high quality health care, a vibrant international community and a diverse and beautiful natural environment. Investing in Panama is not only a financial opportunity, but also a lifestyle that many seek.

In conclusion, the Panama Qualified Investor Visa represents an excellent opportunity for those who wish to invest in a secure and stable environment, while enjoying the benefits of residency in one of the most promising countries in Latin America.

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