In Panamá, retired people and pensioners, both national and foreign, enjoy a wide range of benefits due to their condition, among which we highlight:

  1. 50% discount on the prices charged for admission to recreation and entertainment activities , such as cinemas, theaters, sports and other public shows.
  2. Discount on regular prices of hotels, motels and guesthouses between 30% and 50%.
  3. 25% discount on the value of individual food consumption in any restaurant.
  4. 15% discount at fast food outlets with national and international franchises.
  5. 15% discount on the total bill for hospital and private clinic services.
  6. 20% discount on the value of medications.
  7. Discounts on the following medical services:
    1. 20% on fees for general medicine consultations and medical and surgical specialties;
    1. 15% for dental services; and
    1. 15% for optometry services.
  8. 20% discount on fees for technical and professional services.
  9. 50% discount on closing expenses or commission on personal and commercial loan transactions carried out in your name at banks, financial institutions and credit institutions.
  10. 25% discount on the billing of monthly electricity consumption, from a public or private entity, up to six hundred kilowatt hours (600kWh). The normal rate will be applied to the excess of this sum.
  11. 50% discount on the airport tax or fee.

If you are a foreigner, you want to establish your residence in Panamá and you have a lifetime pension of at least $1,000.00 per month from a foreign government, international organization or a private company, you can apply to obtain a permanent residence permit as a Retired Pensioner and thus have access to the discounts indicated by Panamanian legislation. Also keep in mind that the minimum pension may decrease up to $750.00 in case you have acquired a property in national territory for a sum greater than $100,000.00.

If you meet the requirements mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us at our email addresses or telephone numbers to advise you on the subject.

Note: For more information write to rvieto@lacgrp.com


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