Contracting with the Panamanian government represents an invaluable opportunity for companies and suppliers, as it offers a wide range of benefits, such as stability, steady income flow and prestige. However, it is a process that requires compliance with specific requirements and formalities. In this article, we will explore the benefits of contracting with the Panamanian State, the steps necessary to do so and the documents required to participate in the bidding processes.

Benefits of Contracting with the Panamanian State:

  1. Stability and Revenue Flow: The Panamanian government is a reliable and solvent client, which guarantees a stable and sustainable business relationship for contractors.
  • Broad Market: The variety of projects and services required by the State covers a wide range of sectors, providing opportunities for companies of different sizes and specialties.
  • Reputation and References: Contracting with the State improves the reputation of companies, which may attract more private sector clients.
  • Transparency and Legality: Bidding and contracting processes with the State are governed by transparent laws and regulations, which promotes legality and fairness in access to commercial opportunities.
  • Access to Public Resources: Contracts with the State may include access to resources and facilities that would not be available in the private sector.

Steps to Contract with the Panamanian State:

  1. Registration as a Supplier: The first step is to register as a supplier in the State’s supplier registration system, which can be found in the PanamaCompra portal ( It is important to provide all required documentation during this process.
  • Identificación de Oportunidades: Una vez registrado, las empresas deben estar atentas a las oportunidades de licitación que se publican en el portal de PanamáCompra. Here you will find the available projects, requirements and deadlines for submitting bids.
  • Bid Preparation: Preparing a competitive bid is crucial to winning contracts with the State. This includes analyzing the project requirements in detail, preparing a solid budget and submitting the necessary documentation according to the bid specifications.
  • Bid Submission: The bid must be submitted before the deadline specified in the bidding process. It is essential to ensure that all requirements are met and that all documents are complete to avoid disqualification.
  • Evaluation and Award: Once the call for bids is closed, the bids received will be evaluated. The Panamanian government will select the company that meets the established criteria and award the contract.

Necessary Documentes:

  1. Supplier Registration: To register as a supplier, it is necessary to submit a series of documents, which may vary according to the type of company and the services offered. Some common documents include public registration certificate, copy of the legal representative’s identity card or passport, registration application form and other financial and tax documents.
  • Paz y Salvo: It is necessary not to be in arrears with the Dirección General de Ingresos, the Caja de Seguro Social and the Municipality where the public event is being convened.
  • Oferta: La oferta debe incluir el detalle del servicio o producto ofrecido, el presupuesto detallado, cronograma de trabajo y cualquier otro documento específico requerido por la licitación.
  • Guarantees: In some cases, a performance bond may be required to secure the company’s commitment to the project if awarded.

In conclusion, contracting with the Panamanian government can be a valuable strategy for companies seeking stability, growth and prestige in the market. Through adequate preparation, compliance with requirements and the presentation of competitive bids, companies can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the State to strengthen their presence in the public and private sector. However, it is essential to keep up to date with regulatory changes and be prepared to face the competition and the challenges that may arise in the bidding process; for which we always recommend the support of experts such as those available in our Public Procurement department.

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